Posted on Sep 9, 2020

Lumina Official

To our valued homeowners, get instant reply on your account and payments-related inquiries using the 'LUMINA E-TEXT' service!

Simply send a message to 0919-072-1399 or 0917-818-1875 using the keyword template that corresponds to your inquiry.

• To know your outstanding balance: LUMINABILL<space>YOUR 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINABILL 2500000000

• To get your reference number for paying through local payment centers: LUMINAREFNUM<space>YOUR 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINAREFNUM 2500000000

• To know you last credited or posted payment: LUMINALASTPAY<space>YOUR 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINALAST PAY 2500000000

• To know your total principal payments: LUMINATOTALPMT<space>YOUR 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINATOTALPMT 2500000000

• To view list of available payment channels: LUMINAPAYCTR<space>YOUR 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER. Example: LUMINAPAYCTR 2500000000

• To update your mobile number on our system: LUMINAMOBILE<space>YOUR 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER<space>11-DIGIT NEW MOBILE NUMBER. Example: LUMINAMOBILE 2500000000 09171234567

• To update your email address on our system: LUMINAEMAIL<space>YOUR 10-DIGIT SALES ORDER NUMBER<space>NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. Example:LUMINAEMAIL 2500000000
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